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Survey of Medical School Faculty
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Survey of Medical School Faculty: Level of Satisfaction with the Medical Library

Print: $ 95.00
PDF: $ 95.00
Multi-SiteLicense: $ 189.00

This report looks closely at satisfaction with the medical library by scholars from medical faculties in more than 50 institutions worldwide, but particularly from the United States.  A sample of ...   Read More

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Survey of Medical School Faculty: Use of Journals, Databases, Repositories, and other Medical Information Sources

Print: $ 119.00
PDF: $ 119.00
Multi-SiteLicense: $ 229.00

This 134 page study looks closely at the use of the medical library and use of specific information resources by medical faculty. The report gives highly detailed data on medical ...   Read More

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The Survey of Medical School Faculty: Trends in Grants & Evaluation of University Research Office

Print: $ 149.00
PDF: $ 149.00
Multi-SiteLicense: $ 249.00

This report gives detailed information on grant receipts by medical faculty and their views on how they are being helped by their university research offices.


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